Dabado Bolt Kit – Portable Enail Review

Dabado Bolt Kit – Portable Enail Review

Black Bolt Kit - Dabado Vaporizers - 1
The Dabado Bolt Portable Erig Kit

Price: $129.99

Battery life: 45 – 50 dabs

Material: full ceramic top

Warm up time: 30 seconds to desired dabbing temp

Max temperature: 980 degrees

Number of pieces included with kit: 9 pieces

Material type: solid state concentrates

Warranty: 1 year

Shipping from: Colorado

Color: blue, black, gold or platinum

Grade: A


The Dabado Bolt Kit is one of the newest products to hit the portable enail
market but Dabado themselves have been in the enail game for quite some time and it shows with their newest model of erig. The product includes 9 pieces and comes in a sleek black aluminum carrying case in which each piece has its own compartment. When you turn it on the power button light will be white, after pressing the power button 3 times in a row the Dabado Bolt Kit will begin warming up, this process will take 30 seconds, When it reaches the temperature of 980 degrees the light will turn green
which will indicate that it is ready for use. The battery life of the product is the equivalent of 45 – 50 uses and takes 2-3 hours to charge. A 1-year warranty is included with the product that covers a 90 day warranty on electronic components and 12 month battery & charging cable replacement
program. The warranty does not cover any glass or ceramic pieces.

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