Where to buy the Dabado Bolt Kit Portable Enail?

Where to buy the Dabado Bolt Kit Portable Enail?

Where to Buy the Dabado Bolt Kit Portable Enail
Where to Buy the Dabado Bolt Kit Portable Enail

Everyone wants to be up on the newest ways to dab and the price of that new piece can sometimes get pretty heavy depending on what level of the game you want to be on and to play with the pros you’ll want to make sure you do your homework first. With knock off and false claims around every corner your have to be very careful about where you buy your portable enails from. You Pretty much have two options to choose from, you can buy it from your local head shop and pay 3 times what it normally cost… if they have it, and they probably don’t, or you can buy it online straight from the manufacturers official website which is the only place that honors the one year manufacturers warranty which is included with the purchase, you can click the blue hyperlink over the name Dabado Bolt Kit Portable Enail which will take you directly to their website, for the same price the head shop paid, but if you plan on going about it any other way, which we wouldn’t recommend,  you just have to make sure you do your homework first and we’re about to show you how.

First – Read a review of the product. A review of the item will tell you how the product
is used. What you can expect to get in the delivery. Where the delivery is coming from and
the expected shipping time. It will also include picture of the product. Also refer to the
pictures below to cross reference with the site you are ordering from to be sure the they
match up to EXACTLY what is pictured below

Second – Be sure to buy only from the official site of the the supplier (click for a link).
If you are buying the item through any kind of 3 party platform such as flea markets, ebay,
amazon, aliexpress or craiglist your chances of receiving a bootleg or used item are very high.
Seeing how Dabado sells their products directly to the consumer seeing them listed on these
sites is against their policy and would include a heavy mark up.

third – make sure it comes with a warranty. The Dabado Bolt Kit comes with a 1-year warranty
that includes a 90 day warranty on electronic components and 12 month battery & charging cable replacement program. The warranty does not cover any glass or ceramic pieces and is only available with products purchased from the supplier directly. The Dabado Bolt Kit is one of the Healthiest and most efficient ways to dab. That’s why if you are considering spending your hard earned $129.99 make sure its on an authentic Dabado bolt Kit and not a knock off or bootleg so that you can experience the real thing for yourself.

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