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Flowermate iHit Vaporizer – Portable Electric Nail Review

Flowermate iHit Vaporizer – Portable Electric Nail Review

Flowermate i Hit portable electric nail review
Flowermate i Hit portable electric nail review

Price: $202.20

Battery: 5000mA/h

Material: Borosilicate Glass Cover and Mouthpiece along with Ceramic chamber

Warm up time: 15 seconds to desired dabbing temp

Max temperature: 0 – 400F

Material Type: Wax, Oils and Herbs

Warranty: one year manufacturer’s warranty

Shipping from: Guangdong, China

Color: Black


ihit full set
Flowermate iHit full set

iHit, the first portable electric nail desktop vaporizer by Flowermate will give you pure vaping pleasure you might require anytime . The new vaporizer works great with both enails and dry ihit full set herbs. This true vaporizer helps to vaporize dry herbs without any combustion. You can add dabs with the included titanium nail attachment. It is highly efficient and reaches the maximum temperature of 400F with in only 15 seconds. The built in battery and the cordless features offers maximum portability.

The Flowermate iHit comes with a 5000mA/h battery. The unique convection air flow system (CAS), effectively enhance the delights of the pure vaping experience. The other excelling features of this portable erig vaporizer are its Smart Control System, which automatically detects the vaping mode when dry herbs or enail is connected to the vaporizer, Ceramic heating Chamber supporting full modular temperature range and Duel Safety system, which stops it from powering on accidentally. The whole system comes in a black box with smooth and glossy touch surfaces. The dimensions of the device are 115x90x85mm.

Flowermate iHit nailsThe whole package of Flowermate iHit consists includes a 5000mA/h Lithium-Ion Accu, Titanium Waxy enail, Ceramic Dry Herb Nail, Borosilicate Glass Cover, Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece, Stainless Dabber and Cover, Thermal Insulation Rubber bands, Water Pipe Adaptor, Big Stainless Steel Pods, Stainless Steel Screens, Packing Tool and Dabber, Cleaning Brush, AC Power Adaptor, Warranty information Card and User manual. The Flowermate iHit is also featured with a big OLED display for reading battery life, mode, alerts, and temperature.

The best Features of Flowermate iHit are

1. Air flow system, that flows around the materials and through the advanced ceramic chamber evenly.

2. OLED display

3. Speedy heating within 15 minutes

4. Herb Mode: 30-230 (104℉-446℉ )

5. Waxy Mode: 149 -380 (300℉-716℉ )

6. Portable

7. Light weight

8. High Quality (exceptional quality medical grade materials are used such as Borosilicate Glass Cover and Mouthpiece)


To use the Flowermate iHit with dry herbs there are certain procedures to follow. First Water Pipe Adaptor and Dry Herb Nail are connected together. Unscrew the lid, and then you can find the Ceramic heating Chamber. After revealing the heating Chamber inserts the screen into the chamber. To ensure pure, clean vaping, heating chamber and housing unit can be changed periodically. Vaping can be done with or without using large stainless steel pods. For vaping without using stainless steel pods loosely place the choice blend into the heating chamber and do not overfill the chamber. For vaping with steel pods after unscrewing the pod lid loosely fill the choice blend in to the steel pod. After closing the pod insert it into ceramic chamber. Then finally securely screw the lid then connect the smart connector to iHit and power on the device. Now enjoy pure vaping experience with Flowermate iHit.

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