IONIX Vape System

IONIX Vape System – Portable Electronic Nail Review

Portable Electronic Nail Review: IONIX Vape System

IONIX Vape System
IONIX Vape System

Price: $ 149.99

Battery: Lithium Ion battery stays on for hours and outlasts nearly every other portable erig

Material: 4mm borosilicate glass mouth piece along with Ceramic chamber

Warm up time: Atomizers heat in 5 seconds

Package includes: wall charger, with a micro USB charging cable, 1 stainless steel dab tool, and a 12 pack of atomizer replacement

Material Type: Concentrate only

Warranty: one year manufacturer’s warranty is granted for Ionix vape system the comprehensive cover.

Shipping from: Guangdong, China

Color: Black, Orange, Pearl, Turquoise, Yellow

This revolutionary piece, the Ionix Vape, is an entirely new and diverse experience as a desktop or table vaping system. With its 11-inch height and 4-inch width and slim, lightweight size, it will not take up too much of a room.

IONIX Vape System Coils
IONIX Vape System Coils

The package that you get contains all the necessary details to put it to work: a wall charger, a micro USB charging cable, a stainless-steel dab tool, and a 12-pack atomizer replacement box, together with 4mm borosilicate glass mouthpiece. No torch is required, but a dabber tool is included in the package itself. With a triple variety of your concentrates you may have a triple pleasurable experience with Ionix 3 atomizers, which you can use one by one, or three at a time, and with the same or a combination of several concentrates. The aesthetically pleasant range of colors (Black, Orange, Pearl, Turquoise, Yellow) you may use Ionix Vape as a nice decoration for your desk or tabletop and enjoy the relaxing dabs throughout the day.
IONIX Vape System is revolutionary in a sense that it combines pen and table-top vaporizer technology. It also combines portability of a portable electic rig with the strength of a full desktop enail. The lithium-ion battery cell is as long-lasting as for many hours and is rechargeable from any USB source available.
The best features of Ionix Vape system are:
• Optimal size for a desktop vaporizing system
• Lightweight, slim and portable
• 3 atomizers for fuller experience or for 3 different types of concentrates
• Variety of colors to choose from
• innovative technology with instant torchless dabs.
• Easy and convenient USB charging

IONIX Vape System in Blue
IONIX Vape System in Blue

To start the Ionix Vape you better first start with charging the batteries to ensure it is enough before you start using it, although they are delivered with a partial charge on. Once you have all the batteries fully charged (preferably with a wall charger for longer life) you will need to turn on Ionix by pressing the master button 5 times in 2 seconds. The same way the system turns off. If you wish to turn on all 3 atomizers at once, you need to press and hold the master button until the green light flashes. If you prefer to use individual atomizers, press the respective button below each individual atomizer for 10 seconds. The light will turn blue. Another press for 10 seconds will turn the atomizer off. To save battery life, Ionix will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity. This is undoubtedly a triple- perfect dabbing experience for you personally, and also a perfect gift for true valuers of pleasurable dab enjoyment.

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