Micro Nectar Collector – Portable Erig Review

Micro Nectar Collector – Portable Erig Review


Nectar Collector Micro Portable Erig
Nectar Collector Micro Portable Erig

Price: $100
Battery: rechargeable battery
Material: Glass, titanium
Warm up time: 15 seconds to desired dabbing temp
Material Type: Oil & Wax
Warranty: one year warranty card for the comprehensive coverage for the mentioned risks.
Shipping from: locate your nearby store
Color: Black, glass, metal
The full Micro Nectar Collector Kit comes  with everything you need for any type of dabbing experience. This portable erig features a titanium heat element attachment, a  v3 Lithium-Ion Battery, a GR2 Titanium Tip with thread with Cover, a Glass Chamber Attachment, a Glass Dish, a Mini USB Charger, a Wall Charger Adaptor, a Fill Tool, a vaped stand and a soft Carrying Case. This small-size kit represents both portable and affordable Nectar Collector line of vertical glass portable electric rigs. In short, when you order this Collector kit, you are fully equipped for optimal experience in dabbing as well as electric and mobile chargers, and even a glass plate for extracts and a safety stand for nail cooling.
The Nectar Collector produces a fine piece of glass to be attached to titanium nail which is heated with a torch at the bottom. Apply the heated end to a dish with a concentrate, and generate huge clouds of vapor through the water-filled glass chamber that diffuses the oil thus producing optimal concentration of flavor and that also improves efficiency . You may also use an electronic battery instead of the nail, thus the concentrates will be heated in more safely, with moderate amount of cloud produced. To store the Nectar Collector, use the carrying case together with all the components for any vaping circumstance.
The best features of the Micro Nectar Collector are:
• Small size and easily portable.

Nectar Collector Micro Portable Electric Rig
Nectar Collector Micro Portable Electric Rig

• Versatility with Switch-Hit Technology for a perfect dab
• Interchangeable glass attachments that fit both on a titanium nail or rechargeable battery for use on-the-go.
• Elegance and beautiful glass work that is admirable.
• Complete set of accessories with everything at hand
Combination of the Vaped wax and oil pen, and a little content of concentrates can give you an enjoyable experience with the nectar collector in full. With purchasing a Vaped Micro Nectar Collector set, you basically get 2 different items that are fully usable on their own. This new portable and affordable version of the Nectar Collector is designed for convenience, simplicity of use and individual experience. Interchangeable glass attachments fitted on titanium nail are good for indoor use or with rechargeable battery for use on-the-go, anywhere. Battery life is enough for a complete durable experience, and are convenient to recharge from USB source. So, this is not only an innovative solution for a collector, but also an amazing mini-bubbler for vaporizers. In view of the affordable price, this is a really bargain deal for true enjoyment, exclusively designed for Micro vaped V3 atomizers to be used with its own mini-bubbler. With all said, we may safely call the Vaped, Micro-Nectar collector revolutionary and versatile portable electronic rig.

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