Mini Enail by Max Dabs – Electric Nail Review

Mini Enail by Max Dabs – Electric Nail Review

Max Dabs Mini Enail - Electric Nail Review
Max Dabs Mini Enail – Electric Nail Review

Price: 164.99 USD

Battery: no

Material: Titanium Carb Cap with Screw-in Dabber, Interior in Metal, Cushioned Carrying Case

Size: Large Dish of 1″ inch Width:, Box Length is 7.5 inches, Box Width is 5.5 inches and Power Cord Length is 71″ inches, Coil Length is 61″ inches.

Package includes: 5 Hole Plug – 16mm/20mm/Flat Coil with Coil Enail Ki of 20mm , a black 16mm Coil that fits 16mm Quartz Bangers and Domeless Nails, Green Digital Display, MaxDabs ENail Vaporizer Kit, , Max Dabs E-Nail Unit with 5 Pin Coil Plug, Universal Titanium Nail, Titanium Carb Cap together with a Screw-in Dabber, 20mm Coil that fits 20mm Quartz Banger and Domeless Nails Metal Interior Cushioned Carrying Case.

Material Type: Concentrate

Warranty: 2 Year of Warranty on the Unit and 6-Month Warranty on the Coil

Shipping: Prices shown reflect US shipping addresses, shipping takes 2-5 Days

Color: Black


Users may note that the 20mm Coil Enail Kit doesn’t include a Titanium Domeless Nail, 16mm Coil Fits Domeless Nails and 16mm Quartz Bangers, 20mm Coil Fits 20mm Quartz Banger and Domeless Nails. The product comes with Digital Green Display, MaxDabs ENail Unit with a 5-Pin Coil Plug. The Universal Titanium Nail easily fits Coil. The Titanium Carb Cap is with Screw-in Dabber. The carrying case is metal-cushioned in interior.

Large Female Titanium Nail would fit Male Joints of 14 and 18mm, and 10 and14 mm Male Joints that would fit Female Titanium Nail, whereas Universal Titanium Nail would fit 14 and 18mm Joints, both Male and Female.

The product is characterized by Domeless Bangers of pure quartz, 71″ inches power cord and 61″ inches.

Some key pros of the product are:

· High quality metal used, titanium, pure quartz

· Nice and portable size

· Flexible and interchangeable male and female joints

· Safe packaging to minimize breakage

· Separate and reasonable warranty lives for unit and coil

· Digital display and high-accuracy control options


Warranty covers manufacturer defects only, so if you notice any damage to the box or you hear a glass jiggling inside the box, you are free to refuse the package. The best option would be to take a photo of the condition of the box and inside contents, although the manufacturers exercise all effort to minimize damage on shipment, and the products are usually very well packed.

The dabbing temperature is controlled electrically, and to high accuracy regulation. If you seek for a universal nail which is not only interchangeable for males and females but also as small as to fit into a compact box to carry with you on travel, this set is your best choice. A very reasonable investment into a complete dabbing system that would serve your various needs. Besides, it provides safety and avoidance of hazardous butane refilling and torches that are inflammable.

The product shipment is easy and fast, both US and international options are available and it takes no more than 2-5 days, or even a same-day option depending on your location. Once you enjoy the convenience of max dabs, you will not wish for anything else.

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