710 Life Enail – Electric Nail Review

710 Life Enail – Electric Nail Review

710 Life Enail Review
710 Life Enail Review

Price: $179.99

Power; AC Power 110 Volts

Material: Grade 2 Titanium with available Quartz attachment

Size: 10/14 /19 mm male & female E-Nail Nail for 20mm Enail Coil, 5 ft power cord and 5 ft heating coil cord.

Temperature Range: 50°F- 1200°F

Number of pieces included in Kit: 6 Pieces

Warranty: Lifetime Technical Support710screen

Shipping Time: 2-7 Days

Color: Black

Grade: A


The 710 Life Enail is one of the newest enails to hit the market and it brings some of the latest dabbing technology with it. With a fully adjustable temperature range of 50°F- 1200°F the 710 life electronic nail lets you get the full taste and benefits of the different canaboids and terpenes within each strain of wax, oil or shatter by allowing you to be able to set and hold the nail to the exact desired temperature. The black temperature box will remember your favorite temperatures and save these for future use so that you don’t have to find that perfect sweet spot every time you turn it off and on. By using the up and down arrows you can adjust the temperature which is shown on the digital display screen. This piece comes with two titanium nails made from GR2 Titanium and are compatible with 10/14 /19 mm male & female stems and a 20 mm coil, so you can use all of  your favorite bongs with it. Both the coil cord and the power cord are 5 feet each so you wont have to worry about not being able to get power to it. At a price point of $179.99 it allows consumers to get the features of many higher priced products but at an affordable price and this is why the 710 Life Enail received an overall grade of an A.

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